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This site is about Free(dom)Computer Software and Hardware.

Ease of access and ease of use for everybody is the goal!!

Places to access the best in FreedomWare:
Opencores (Free hardware cores and Openrisc!!!)
ORSoC Rock solid commercial Opencores design and support!!
EMBECOSM Professional high quality tool and Opencores support.
Gnewsense (New totally Free Linux Distro --Debian derivative)
Busybox uClibc Buildroot Best embedded developer tools
FPGAfromScratch New!! LEARN HOW NOW!!


Built with Debian Wheezy testing version "Sid"
Openrisc Toolchain Development Factory
Download lastest or1k-linux
Modified simulator config file

Misc. Stuff

*Simple Python On Android Voice Recognition*
*or32 Assembly Hello World*
*or32 Assembly String Length*
*or32 Assembly To Upper*
*or32 Assembly To Upper Optimized Delay Slots*
*or32 Assembly Array Copy*
Quick notes Debian 4.0 GNU/Linux on the Apple iBook (powerpc).
Programmer's Toolbox
Complete OR1K Archive 12/2012
Quick notes using Knoppix to fix FS problems


The Openrisc Dev Factory link above links to latest
*Just the patches & quick instructions *
*Just the software *
*Just Building Binutils-2.16.1 *
*Just Building GCC-3.4.4 (part 1) *
*Just Building uClibc- *
*Just Building GCC-3.4.4 (part 2) *
*Ramdisk Howto*
*or32 Vanilla BusyBox Howto *
*Currently Testing (binutils-2.18 gcc-4.2.2)*
*R.Cragie's excellent Openrisc resource page*

Debian Apache

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